wyrd drafts:


This is collections of inspirations, projects, people, thoughts, dreams and ideas that has been and is of importance for this project. It is as much an opportunity to give thanks and tying on to some of the work that this project is related to as it is a sharing of inspiration and information.

In other words to lay out interesting and useful threads to be follow out into the world. There is much more to share than is currently present, but over time the list will grow longer as it is continuously updated.


  • The Penelope Project - integrate ancient weaving into the history of science and technology
  • Robin Kang - Artist working with weaving within a contemporary technological context
  • Anna Bockrath - Artist, educator and weaver. Working with Jacob Weinberg on the wonderful draft/patch/weave project
  • Jakob Weinberg - Interdiciplinary artist. Working with Anna Bockrath on the wonderful draft/patch/weave project
  • Alex McLean - Researcher, musician, artist. Creator, co-founder and part of projects such as TidalCycles, TopLap and Penelope among many others.
  • Lea Albaugh - Researcher and educator working with Morphing Matter Lab and the DevLab, and informally with the Textiles Lab.
  • Alpaca - Site and forum for explerong algorithmic patterns


  • Kerstin Neumüller - Genius crafter, author, educator. Heddle maker extraordinaire
  • NFH - The National Swedish Handicraft Council, suporters of this and many other craft projects
  • Sätergläntan - Institutet för slöjd och hantverk